To download each part of the program (4 segments for each weekly program), right click on the link and select Save Target As. If you have any problems with these downloads please contact the webmaster or call Beth on 0408 170 053

Please note that due to unforseen circumstances, until further notice, repeat programs have been scheduled from February until June 2023.

Program # Air Date Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Host / Notes
HS5486 May 21 HS5486A HS5486B HS5486C HS5486D * Repeat
HS5487 May 28 HS5487A HS5487B HS5487C HS5487D * Repeat
HS5701 Jun 4 HS5701A HS5701B HS5701C HS5701D Carla Evans
HS5702 Jun 11 HS5702A HS5702B HS5702C HS5702D Carla Evans
HS5703 Jun 18 HS5703A HS5703B HS5703C HS5703D David Evans
HS5704 Jun 25 HS5704A HS5704B HS5704C HS5704D Carla Evans
HS5705 Jul 2 HS5705A HS5705B HS5705C HS5705D Jan Baker
HS5706 Jul 9 HS5706A HS5706B HS5706C HS5706D Jan Baker
HS5707 Jul 16 HS5707A HS5707B HS5707C HS5707D Jan Baker
HS5708 Jul 23 HS5708A HS5708B HS5708C HS5708D David Evans
HS5709 Jul 30 HS5709A HS5709B HS5709C HS5709D Jan Baker
HS5710 Aug 6 HS5710A HS5710B HS5710C HS5710D Carla Evans
HS5711 Aug 13 HS5711A HS5711B HS5711C HS5711D Jan Baker
HS5712 Aug 20 HS5712A HS5712B HS5712C HS5712D David Evans
HS5713 Aug 27 HS5713A HS5713B HS5713C HS5713D Jan Baker
HS5714 Sep 3 HS5714A HS5714B HS5714C HS5714D David Evans
HS5715 Sep 10 HS5715A HS5715B HS5715C HS5715D Carla Evans
HS5716 Sep 17 HS5716A HS5716B HS5716C HS5716D Carla Evans
HS5717 Sep 24 HS5717A HS5717B HS5717C HS5717D Jan Baker
HS5718 Oct 1 HS5718A HS5718B HS5718C HS5718D David Evans
HS5719 Oct 8 HS5719A HS5719B HS5719C HS5719D Jan Baker
HS5720 Oct 15 HS5720A HS5720B HS5720C HS5720D David Evans
HS5721 Oct 22 HS5721A HS5721B HS5721C HS5721D Jan Baker
HS5722 Oct 29 HS5722A HS5722B HS5722C HS5722D Carla Evans