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IMPORTANT: We request that stations play the programs on their scheduled dates.

Program # Air Date Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Host / Notes
HS5497 3 Jun HS5497A HS5497B HS5497C HS5497D Jan Baker
HS5498 *** 10 Jun HS5498A HS5498B HS5498C HS5498D David Evans
HS5499 17 Jun HS5499A HS5499B HS5499C HS5499D Jan Baker
HS5500 24 Jun HS5500A HS5500B HS5500C HS5500D David Evans
HS5501 1 Jul HS5501A HS5501B HS5501C HS5501D Jan Baker
HS5502 8 Jul HS5502A HS5502B HS5502C HS5502D Carla Evans
HS5503 15 Jul HS5503A HS5503B HS5503C HS5503D Jan Baker
HS5504 22 Jul HS5504A HS5504B HS5504C HS5504D Carla Evans
HS5505 29 Jul HS5505A HS5505B HS5505C HS5505D Jan Baker
HS5506 5 Aug HS5506A HS5506B HS5506C HS5506D Carla Evans
HS5507 12 Aug HS5507A HS5507B HS5507C HS5507D Jan Baker
HS5508 19 Aug HS5508A HS5508B HS5508C HS5508D Carla Evans
HS5509 26 Aug HS5509A HS5509B HS5509C HS5509D Jan Baker
HS5510 2 Sep HS5510A HS5510B HS5510C HS5510D Carla Evans

*** Salute to Billy Graham